Monday, January 12, 2009

family practice? practice for a family?

Moments ago I took a gander at the contents of my blog (which I am using as a journal, i'm so bad at using the paper and pen) and I realized that I've been using this "board" of sorts to complain! Oops.
Well , let me start over. My life is fantastic right now. I have a loving cat purring in my lap this very moment. Hes laying on his back belly up with his paws up by his face, eyes closed. cute. He's a total furball. Randy is on his laptop too and we're watching our evening Dr. Phil episode. This one is about some really backwards dysfunctional family, there to make us all feel better about our own small problems. Something about deceit, drug use, prostitution, and infidelity. Messed up!
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life.
I love the Ensign; I've been reading it recently, filled with the words of modern phophecy- angels are among us. I love the work to which I am assigned right now. I am a Sunday school teacher for the 12-13 year olds right now. I'm back in Relief Society with the beautiful ladies I missed. Now I miss my precious youngwomen. I need to just be happy with where I am I suppose!
Right now I'm 1 week into my family practice rotation. Among the knowledge I'm gaining, I've gained two infected ears, one painful swollen throat, and a runny nose. I'm like a 5 year old. When I get home after "work" (I work for free) all I want to do is be fed and put to sleep. Lucky if someone wants to bathe me first.
I remember an ear ache I had when I was a kid-- sharp pain and crying in the middle of the night, a visit to the ER and them draining out my middle ear after my ear drum perforated. We like to call that kind of red "angry" in the medical field. Well, it feels angry.
Other than my sad little ears though, I have been infinity blessed with my handsome knight in shining armor who has really stepped up and taken care of things this week. I came home to meals prepared, candles lit, and dishes done. Laundry clean.
How impressive! And he's good with MONEY. ha. Who needs money, eh?
In love and ready to improve this year. Marriage gets better all the time!
I highly recommend it.
John boy is engaged - i'm so excited for him.

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