Monday, June 8, 2009

15 books in 15 minutes?? -- there was a post from a friend on facebook about writing down 15 books which have changed your life in some small way or another. i was intrigued. i love to read and i'm sad that i only got to 8 in the first minute or so, because i ran out of steam, being that i haven't read anything for FUN since i started PA school. Two more months and I'm free to begin feasting on the written word! (don't let this make you think I don't spend time in my scriptures. they are the only books I can rationalize spending any time on at all that aren't medical) so sad!
so here it is, I know, who cares really??

1. east of eden, john steinbeck
2. catch 22, ??
3. the brothers karamazov, dostoyevsky (i'm sure thats spelled wrong)
4. ethics and infinity by immanuel kant
5. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, robert pirsig
6. seven principles for making marriage work, john gottman
7. the book of mormon: another testament of jesus christ
8. catcher in the rye
9. anthem, ayn rand (the one that is written entirely as "we")
10. into thin air (the one about climbing everest)
11. endurance (the story of ernest shackelton and his trip across antarctica)
12. as a man thinketh, james allen
13. his needs, her needs; how to build an affair-proof marriage- ??
14. mere christianity- CS lewis
15. the great divorce - CS lewis (this one will change you!)