Saturday, March 29, 2008

birthday party 24

So on march 29th 2008 We had a Mast-Jacinto-Shahan family showdown BBQ BIRTHDAY party. It was so much fun. Randy was ridiculously amazing on my birthday. He listened to everything I said I wanted. I said I wanted my family to have cake and I wanted Strawn's strawberry pie. And they had cake. And I had pie. I said I wanted my family to come over to barbeque, and they did. I mentioned that I LOVED the tennis shoes that I had but they were getting kind of worn out. He bought me the same shoe, new model: Aasics Gel Kayano. JOYOUS day I love those shoes. My parents were ever so thoughtful in their gifts, as were Jessie and Eileene. It was a really good birthday party. I love my life.

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